MICKEY GALIPOLY an Greek/Turkish/Spanish descent     *** {GALLIPOLI this is the correct spelling that come from** GREEK KALLIPOLIS** that means beautiful CITY.}*** was born on  the western side of the Old City of  Jerusalem, to Ms. Estella Jerusalem a Spanish descent, and Mr. Gallipoli Marco a Greek/Turkish descent who follow up my MOM fate and decision to immigrant to the holy land and live in the Holy City the place that her ancestors come from and immigrate to Spain, also her plan was to have me born there, she was pregnant when they moved. After graduating  from the elementary school, ***   1967 Six Day War began and with  Israel  occupation of Eastern side of the old city Jerusalem, ** I've asked my parents why they decided to come here instead of immigrant to USA, and reunited with the rest of the family who reside in Brooklyn NY,  and I am not going to live in this country among Jewish and Arab religious extremists who hate each other and discriminate other religions. My parents disagreed with me about my opinions and got upset when I've announced that I am going to pursue my journey becoming professional Musician and leave the Holy Land, *{Mom & Dad left the holy land years later after experiencing what I went through.} I left my parents' home and move to the city of TEL-AVIV [ Hebrew-Tel-Aviv /Arabic-Tall-Abib] to attend the AMERICAN international high school ART&MUSIC and began to get Bass lessons &Music theory Classes, while completing my high school diploma, right  up until introduced to a phenomenal Guitarist  and a wild Drummer, Sons of Immigrants parents, we had a great chemistry playing together for the first time, and began writing music in the house that we lived ,naming our self "THE GARDEN OF EDEN", playing English  Rock/Blues/Funk Covers  and originals  instrumental composition's, while keeping performing in  underground Rock Clubs Everywhere in the Holy Land & in Europe, soon we become the best Rock Power Trio in Holy Land with  loyal fans following us, we've got a Manager who believe in our music and come up with idea to look for a lead Vocalist, he found a Turkish descend vocalist with great vocals that was looking for a band, we began writing songs and instrumental compositions  with a plane to put out a record with unconventional instrumental compositions and songs including exceptional music  arrangements, after winning the first place in bands competition, an indie record label produced the first album that become revolutionary from the fact that wasn't  commercially successful but  gain nationwide and international recognition and has been played on pirate radio stations, despite the Israeli Radio and Tv networks restriction's not allowed on air or Tv any acts who sings in English or play instrumental compositions   ,we were chosen by American indie tv network to produce a documentary story about sons of immigrants parents struggling rock band members, living with discrimination's, police harassment's and inequity, the band has been disbanded and three of us immigrant to GERMANY making name to themselves, we party ways because of artistic differences. I immigrant to USA and become neutralized USA citizen and relocated to NYC NY my dream come true, 'THANK YOU GOD'' *More to tell how I become Musician began in the elementary school singing with the choir  in the school event's, also I was getting Accordion lessons the only instrument available in those days, it wasn't my likely instrument but was useful later on to learn how to play the piano, and at home I would build fantasy guitars on wood board with fishing Nylon strings but my real obsession was humming bass riffs and banging rhythm on my Moms Kitchen pots, I was lucky to have bandmates Drummers as a  roommates living together that teach me and allowed me to use their Drums ,thanks to them I was able to learn about Rhythm Section, Define music characteristic, Metric rhythmic  harmonic, when I've got my first classical guitar I pull off the bottom strings and used the upper strings similar to a bass guitar setting from that point my journey to become a BASSIST BEGAN ** I am going back to tell about my parents influences on MUSIC , My Dad was a kids fashion designer and hobby pianist that listened to artists from Sinatra to Elvis ,Beatles, Jazz, 60s&70s music  and  Instrumental Turkish/Greek Music that was so inspired for me to become instrumental composer. Mom loved listening to Spanish Flamenco music,  Jazz, Classical music and she was a big fan of Flamenco guitarists concerts and often she took me to the Flamenco concerts in young age in Spain and Europe.               

                                                       ARTISTS THAT I'VE WORKED

Jaroslav Jakub Ovitz  Band - Music Director for Bett Midler and Manhattan Transfer and off-Broadway Musicals  Director - NYC NY 

  The Life Sound of Pure Doc, Zen Bender, Doll House, Pia manta Band with Music Director - Yarn Grushecky, NYC NY, No Religions Long Island NY , Loud Angel, Woody and Wood tones, Project Free2Rock FL, Shawn Lee Stamps LA, AND MANY MORE.....................................................................................


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